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April 20, 2012

Yesterday the Vatican took a blow torch to the leadership conference of American nuns.  Rome said the in the nuns’ leadership there was a prevalence of certain radical themes  incompatible with the Catholic faith.  American nuns did not sufficiently support the church’s teaching on abortion, same-sex marriage and the ordination of women priests.  The Bishop of Seattle has been appointed to shake up the nuns’ leadersip conference from top to bottom.

Sister Joan Chittister says this another Vatican attempt to control people just for what they are thinking.

Should the Vatican crack down on American nuns?

What do you think?


November 13, 2011

Ireland has just elected its ninth president.  He is 70-year-old Michael D.Higgins – women’s rights advocate, poet, humanitarian.  Michael Higgins is also a Catholic and he takes up his office when the Catholic church in Ireland is in turmoil.  Some Irish Catholics are leaving the church, others have stopped going to Mass and for most respect for the hierarchy has plummetted.

On top of all this the  Irish government has announced it will close permanently its embassy to the Vatican.  This stunned Rome coming from the most Catholic country in the English-speaking world.  Incidentally, in Ireland there was little objection to this move.  The government said it was closing the embassy as a cost-cutting measure.  But most people saw through this and the move was seen as resulting from Catholic authorities in Rome and Ireland because they tried to obstruct the investigation into child sexual abuse.

There is another issue at play here.  Does this reveal the declining prestige of the Vatican.  Many countries now have two ambassadors in Rome – one to the Italian government and another to the Vatican.

Will other countries now do what Catholic Ireland  has done — save money closing their embassy to the Holy See and allow its ambassador to Italy carry on with the relationship.

What do these embassies to the Vatican do, what do they accomplish?

Should Canadian consider closing its embassy to the Holy Sea which costs us many thousands of dollars?

Is the Vatican in decline?

What do you think?


September 15, 2011

Clergy sex abuse vigctims – tired of a run-around from Rome on punshing sex abuse bishops – have asked the Intrernational Criminal court to investigate the pope aand his senior cardinals for possible crimes against humanity.

Attorneys for the victims say rape, sexual violence and torture are considered crimes against humanity as dscribed in the intrnational treaty that spells out the court’s manadate.

The Vatican is fighting hard on multiple fronts to keep sex abuse files  from the civil authorities.  Just last month, the Vatican was forced to turn over internal personnel files  of an abusive priest to lawyers representing a victim in Oregonn.

Is it any wonder these victims who have been raped and molested  by priests and bishops are going to the world’s international criminal court.  Every time a new credible allegation of priestly sex abuse is made, the authorities of the R.C. church – from the pope  down – go into their regulard song and dance.  We are dreadfully sorrow,  we accept full responsbility and we will do what we can for the victims.  And it ends there.  There are no practical conseqences.  No heads roll.  The pope sees to it that the bishops who aided and abetted these vicious crimes remain firmly in place.  There will e no real healing until criminal bishops either resign or are ousted by Rome.

The prosecutors’ office at the criminal court says the documents from the sex abuse victims have arrived and are being studied.

Should the International criminal Court investigate the Vatican’s sex abuse policies?

what do you think?


July 30, 2011

Relations between Ireland and the Vatican are at their lowest ebb in history. In the latest move  a group of septuagarian male celibates in Rome decided that the Vatican’s  ambassador to Ireland should be called home.

Now that’s a real laugher.  Let me explain why.

In 1996 the Irish bishops signed an agreement to turn sexual abusers over to the police.  In January 1997, a secret letter went out from Rome to the Irish bishos (via the papalo nuncio)  warning them that canon law trumped civil law when it came to reporting sex cases.

When this subterfuge became public the Irish government went ballistic.  Enda Kennedy, the Prime Minister, charged the Vatican was narcisstic, triumphalist, dysfunctional, elitist.

Clearly Ireland was the injured party.  Normally the injured party would jump in and recall its envoy.  But guess what.  A coterie of septuagarian male celibates in the Vatican quickly recalled their own ambassador thus giving the signal that Rome was the injured party and this was the way to recapture the high road.

What a bunch of game-playing.

Does the Vatican get it?

Is the Vatican the victim?

What do you think?