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June 9, 2011

Usuallywhen the U.S. economy is in the doldrums, the incumbent president is in serious difficulty.  With unemployment at 9.1%,  the economy is in trouble. Does that mean Obama is in trouble politically?  Not according to a series of polls just out today.

The stunning fact is Obama has almost a double-digit lead over most of his Republican rivals.  Consider front-runner Mitt Romney.  Obama clobbers him by 13 percentage points – 51 percent to 38 percent.  At the same time Obama is amassing a campaign war-chest likely to be larger than the record $750 million he raised in 2008.

In the Reuter’s Ipsos, the other GOP  contenders fared even worse than Romney’s 13-point gap in a matchup with Obama. Palin trailed Obama by 23 points and Tim Palwlenty was behind by 19 points.

At this point  let me make a prediction.  Romney will not win the GOP nomination and neither will Pawlenty.  That leaves a group of political midgets and GOP has-beens to take on the president  who, by and large, is extremely well liked.

Why is Obama winning?

What do you think?


June 8, 2011

About 10 days ago Congressman Anthony Weiner of New York sent a text missive to a young woman in Seattle.  The missive involved a pix of the Congressman’s private parts.  When this came to light Weiner lied to the media and everyody else, including his congressional colleagues, that he had not sent the picture.  A conservative blogger exploded that assertion and Weiner is now saying all over the place  that he is sorry he lied.  He  also says he has broken no laws (which may well be true) and he has no intention of resigning.

Why are there so many of these sexual escapades among federal politicians in Washington?  Republican Chris Lee resigned in February after sending naked pictures to some woman.  John Edwards fathered a child out of wedlock.  And that’s  just a couple in a long list.

Isn’t it curious that there does not seeem to be any similar sexual peccadiloes in the Canadian  federal system.  Do you know of aany federal Canadian politician who had a child out of wedlock.  Neither do I.  Come to think of it, when was the last time a federal Canadian politician got into trouble over sex?   In Canada it is not federal politicians who get into trouble over sex, it’s Catholic priests and bishops.  Bishop Lahey is now in an Ottawa jail.  He was caught flat-footed with hundred of child-porno pictures.

What explains the difference on sex matter between Washington and Ottawa?

Should Congressman Weiner resign (even though he has not broken any laws)?

What do you think?


June 4, 2011

John Edwards (once a serious candidate for the presidency) lost his wife to cancer.  He then lost his political career to a scandal of his own making.  His children have been put through the ringer.  Now the authorities are charging him with using campaign funds to cover up the child he had with his mistress. If guilty he faces jail and stiff fines.

What exactly is the purpose of continuing to hound this man when he’s down.  Who would be served by sentencing him to a long term in jail?  Are we dealingwith prosecution or persecution here?

Besides almost all legal experts says the case against Edwards is extremely weak.  He is charged with diverting money from two donors to shield his mistress.  One of the donors is now dead and the other is a hundred-year-old woman who may well not be able to testify.  Edward’s defense is tha he was given the money as a gift for his personal use, not as a campaign donation.

It is not illegal to accept a gift.  So why the hounding?

Should John Edwards be prosecuted/persecuted?

What do you think?


April 19, 2011

Can you believe that the phony financier, Donald Trump, is close to the top of the GOP candidates getting ready to challenge Obama in 2012?  And not only that.  Trump’s big issue is that Obama was born in Kenya and is not really an American.  Trump also does not believe Obama wrote his first book.  Some left wing ghost writer did it for him.  There is not a scintilla of evidence advanced to back up either of these assertions.

Obama himself was asked about the ‘birther’ issue by A.P.  He replied the vast majority of Americans believe that he is an American.  And he added that if the ‘birther’ is all his opponents have got, he must be in pretty good shape.

Exactly the point.  If a joker like Trump can get to the top of the GOP greasy pole by playing the ‘birther’ card, then Obama is a shoo-in for 2012.

The ‘birther’ issue hurts those who espouse it.  It does not hurt Obama.

The issue also reveals what a jumble of mediocrities are trying to take Obama on.  In a poll published in today’s Washington  Post Obama beats every single one of his opponents.  Of the two at the top he beats Romney by six and Huckabee by four.

So much for a one-term president.  Not bloody likely.

Whom does the ‘birther’ issue hurt?

What do you think?