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October 31, 2011

Some time today, somewhere in the world, Earth’s population will reach seven billion, according to the United Nations.

Remember back in the sixties when alarmists said world population growth would lead to famine, starvation and wars.  None of that has happened.

On the contrary, since the 1950’s average life expectancy around the world has jumped an astonishing 20 years, going from 48 to 68 thanks to improved health and nutrition.  Infant mortality hass dropped like a stone, from 133 deaths per 1,000 births in the 1950’s to today’s rate of 46 pet 1,000.

Fertility has also been cut in half from six births per women to less than three.

However, unchecked populations in some African countries still pose a threat.  But we know how to control populations  – better health, education and reproductive services  for women and girls.  (The biggest threat here is the Catholic church’s teaching on birth control).

Our emphasis now should be on the nearly two billion young people growing up in poverty.

Is the world’s population a threat?

What  do you think?