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December 6, 2011

Disturbing stories in the press suggest that Canada uses torture.  Not directly perhaps.  But indirectly.  Documents show that Canada’s spy agency (CSIS) told the government they could not pursue suspected terrorists unless they were allowed to use information from regimes known to use torture.  In other  words officials claim terror cases might not stand up without information obtained under duress.  Certainly CSIS wanted to use “derivative information” – information initially obtained by torture but subsequently corroborated by legal means.

It is distubing in the exteme that Canada would use torture  even indirectly.  Do we want to be like the United States under Bush and Cheney who consistently extolled “enhanced interrogation.”  What a disgusting phrase.  Every time I hear those words I want to throw up.  Enhanced interrogation is against the U.S. military manual and it is against international law.

By the way do the “enhanced interrogation” crowd approve of the enemy using torture against Americans?  It boggles the mind.

Should Canada use torture?

What do you think?