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July 29, 2011

It  is abundantly clear now that the Tea Party has scuttled every sensible compromise proposed by their own party to resolve the debt ceiling crisis.  Speaker Boehner and President Obama were on the verge of signing a “grand deal”.  But the Tea Party forced their own leader to reject it.  Last night Boehner thought he had the votes to pass a debt bill.  The Tea Partiers dug in and forced Boehner to postpone.  As of  11 am Friday the vote has not yet occurred. So the conclusion is evident.  The Tea PArty is more interested in their own narrow fiscal ideology than they are in the welfare of the country.  In fact their recklessness will affect the future of the country –it will lower the credit rating and increase taxes, the one thing the Teabaggers promised never to do.

Let’s nail this down.  The Tea Party have taken America hostage, threatening to undermine the economyand disrupt the essential business of governmentunless they get policy concessions they  would never have been able to enact through legislation.

Are the Tea Partiers out for the good of their country or are they risking its fiscal soundess?

Are they traitors or patriots?

What do you think?


April 8, 2011

Unless there is an agreement between the Republicans and the Democrats, the U.S. government will be shut down at midnight tonight.

What is holding up the agreement?   Not the  size of the cuts.  There is news this Friday morning that there is only a five billion difference betweeen the two sides.  That can easily be negotiated.

No, it’s not money that his holding up the deal.  It’s ideology.

Can you believe that the major sticking point is abortion?.  What  in  the world has abortion got to do with deficit reduction?  Zilch.  Nothing.  Yet the Republicans (mainly the Tea Party) are insisting that funds be cut to Planned Parenthood.   Funds that go for breast screening and sex education.

Are the Republicans serious about debt reduction when they are willing to wreck the whole thing by inserting abortion into the mix?

And there’s more.  There will be no deficit deal unless the Obama government relaxes its regulation on climate change.  Can you believe this nonsense.?

What in the world is going on here?  I’ll tell you what is going on?  The Republicans are more interested in ideology than they are in deficit reduction. And let’s be real.  The extremists in the Tea Party have a veto   on these negotiation.

These outlandish Tea Party tactics have put Republican Speaker John Boehner in an impossible dilemma.  Stay loyal to the Tea Party freshmen who helped the GOP reclaim control of the House in last fall’s midterm elections, paralyzing much of the federal government in the process.  Or reach a reasonable with Democrats that wou ld enrage part of his  caucus, but help Republicans curry favour with centrist voters in 2012.

The fact is if Boehner makes a deal with the  Democrats, the Tea Party will try to oust him from the Speakership.

Should the U.S. government be  be  shut down over the issue of abortion?

What do you think?


March 10, 2011

I am a big fan of PBS  (Lehrer report, Masterpiece theatre) and NPR (All things considered).

But now public broadcasting in the States is in a mess.  The government subsidizes public broadcasting to the tune of $400 million annually. however the Republicans have voted to cut off all funding. Not only that, but a senior executive at NPR was caught slandering the Tea Party by calling them gun-toting bigots and racists.  He was forced to resign.

And not only that.  The president of public broadcasting, Vivien Schiller has just been forced to resign.

In addition, the disgraced executive said public broadcasting would be better off in the long run if there were no government subsidies?

Do you ever tune in to PBS or NPR?

Which programs?

Should government grants for public broadcasting be cut off as the Republicans want?

What do you think?