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December 21, 2011

We are now in the season of serenity and joy for most people.  But not for all.  Ironically, it is during this very holiday season that there is often a spike among suicides, especially suicides among the young.

Which begs the question:  should suicides be publicized in and by the media?  Generally, health professionals say  no.  They cite evidence that shows by putting stories of suicides in or on the media, you invite copy-cat actions i.e. more suicides.   For example, during the period  while the newspaper in Detroit was on strike, the suicide rate dropped dramatically.

Canadian newspapers and television stations have stepped away from the long-standing practice of not publishing about specific suicides.  Many argue that saying nothing at all is no longer an option.

Recently a 15-year-old from Nova Scotia killed herself after months of bullying at school and on line.  Do you think playing up this story in the media would encourage more teen-age suicides or would it deter them?

Should suicides be publicized?

What do you think?


September 27, 2011

Every day in Canada there are an average of 10 suicides.  Of these 10 about two are women and eight are  men.  Some kind of depression is endemic to all suicides.  Women are about twice as likely as men to suffer from suicide but tend to be less “successfull”   Statistics tell us that in women there are 20 attempts for every completed suicide while in men the ratio is 4:1.

The principal reason more men that women die by suicide  is that men do not seek help  and spiral into despair, hoplessness and self-harm.

Have you ever known a person who  seriously thought about suicide?

Have you ever known a person who comitted suiside?

What are some of the signs of an impending suicide?

Is suicide preventable?

What do you think?