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September 6, 2015

” Catharine don’t panic ”


In the end, no matter what, Neil could always make me laugh.  I remember one particular December evening in our beloved farmhouse home in the heart of Victoria Village.  On dark nights such as this one I always made sure to place candles of all sizes on an ancient dinning room table which we bought for 35$ from neighbours who were moving out as we were moving in.  On this winter evening I had set a scrumptious shepherd’s pie in front of Neil so he could serve us both.  As he reached across the table to hand me my plateful the fuzzy sleeve of his bright red dressing gown caught fire.

To my horror the flames began to run up his arm.  Neil quietly stood up, stepped out from the table, and moved steadily towards the kitchen saying calmly to me ” Catharine don’t panic. ”  I followed him out to the kitchen, picked up a big green canister of flour from the counter and threw the content over him.  The fire went out.  Neil returned to the meal as though nothing had happened, sitting there in his black tinged dressing gown while I dissolved in near hysterical laughter.

Many times since, in moments of crisis, I hear those words, ” Catharine don’t panic! ”  They have often returned to stand me in good stead.