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March 26, 2011

As I see it those Canadians who want to get rid of Harper (and they are legion)  have only one choice: vote Liberal.

It will do them no good to vote Bloc which only runs candidates in Quebec;  it will do them no good to vote NDP which will get only about 16 per cent of  the total vote. Only the Liberal party and Michael Ignatieff has the muscle to overtake Harper and get rid of him.  Michael Ignatieff is one of the world’s leading public intellectuals.  He has written for the New Yorker, hosted programs for the BBC and has held teaching positions at Cambridge, the University of London and Harvard.

There is no question Ignatieff has the intellectual and moral heft to do Canadians proud as prime minister.  With him in Sussex Drive, we would would out from under the secret, controlling vindictive kind of government run by Harper that has brought such shame to the country.

There are really only about 50 seats that are at play in this election.   Ignatieff must capture enough of them for the Liberals to form the next government.

It will all depend on the kind of campaign the Liberals run.

Does Ignatieff have a chance of becoming the next prime minister?

If the cards fall right, he certainly does.

What do you think?

Is there an upset in the making?