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August 12, 2008

Dozens of women in Vancouver flooded into a shopping mall, lifted their shirts, unsnapped their maternity bras, and latched their babies onto their breasts for a public “nurse-in.”

The women were protesting after a Vancouver mother was asked to retreat to a dressing room to nurse her baby.

The incident is just another flare-up in the tension between mothers who breastfeed in the open, and public squeamishness about the sight.

Another Vancouver woman, breastfeeing on a plane, had a blanket thrown over her by a flight attendant. The attendant explained that some of the public, particularly men, find the sight of a bare breast quite offensive.

One Vancouver woman was ambivalent: “I know its natural. There are a lot of natural things in life but we don’t have to air them publicly. If it’s discreet I don’t care. But some people find it embarrassing to find somebody’s breast exposed.

Do you find public breastfeeding embarrassing?

Should the practice be banned?