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March 17, 2011

Saint Patrick’s high school in Thunder Bay just held a pro-life day.  Most of the students wore the words “pro-life” attached to their school uniform.  However, one girl named Alexandria wore the word’s “pro-choice” on her school uniform.  She was summoned to the principal’s office and sent home.  Then in a show of solidarity, 24 of Alexandria’s fellow students placed “pro-choice” decals  on their uniforms.  Four of them were also sent home, some for a two-day suspension.    This is the latest instance of the friction between religious dogmatism and public education in Canada.  Other Catholic schools, particularly in the West are embroiled in a fight to have doctrine-free education.

Alexandria’s mother writes “that if they don’t want to allow both sides to express  their opinion, they shouldn’t allow either one of them.”

Are Catholic schools splitting on abortion?

What do you think?


March 3, 2009

Kathleen Sebelius has a sterling record as Governor of Kansas.  She reduced the state debt, improved education and worked across the aisle with a Republican legislature.  Now President Obama has nominated her to be his new Secretary of Health.

A number of commentators are saying that she will have a tough time getting confirmed because of her stance on abortion.  She is personally opposed to abortion but she has defended a woman’s right to choose and she has vetoed a number of anti-abortion measures.

Her stance on abortion has caught the eye of the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Kansas.   He has ordered her not to receive communion until she repents of her pro-abortion views and he has ordered his priests not to give her communion.

Should she be banned from Communion?

On the one hand she claims to be a practising Catholic and the official teaching of the Catholic church is that abortion is murder.  If she does not knuckle under and submit to that presumably church authorities including her Archbishop have the right to punish her.

On the other hand, Governor Sebelius, as a politician and legislator does not believe she has the right to force her personal beliefs on abortion down the throats of all the citizens of Kansas.  The Pope’s writ on abortion or anything else does not extend beyond the boundaries of his own church.   It is natural enough that in a pluralistic society, there is more than one view on abortion.  The RC church says human life must be protected from conception to death.  But the church has never defined when conception occurs.

I expect Kathleen Sebelius will be confirmed by the Senate rather easily as she should be.

What do you think?

And what do you think about her being banned from communion?  (Incidentally the vast majority of American bishops do not subscribe to this hard line on abortion.)