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December 7, 2011

Since the nineties the wealthy and the poor in Canada has been steadily growing.  In 2008 the average income of the top 10 per cent of Canadians was $103,500 – 10  times that of the bttom 10 per cent, who had an  average income of $10, 260.  The richest one per cent of Canadians saw their share of total income rise to 13.3 per cent in 2007 from 8.1 per cent in 1980.

Moreover, the richest of the rich – the top o.1 per cent – saw their share more than double, to 5.3 per cent from two per cent.

The sad fact is that income inequality has been rising more rapidly in Canada than in the United States since the mid-1990s.  Furthermore,  an analysis of 18 countries found that Canada had the fourth largest increase in inequality in the last 20 years.

Thre are social implications here also.  There is a link between income inequality and poor health.

What can be done about this disparity?  Taxing the rich more as Warren Buffett suggests – is one way to go.  Also closing tax loopholes and using the tax system to redistribute wealth more equitably.

Would you support more income redistribution in Canada?

Are poor Canadians getting poorer?

What do you think?


March 1, 2011

Are you one of  the 49 per cent of Canadians who believe if poor people really want to work, they can  find a job.

Are you one of 43 per cent of Canadians who agree that “a good work ethic is all you need to escape poverty”.

Or do you believe  with 41 per cent that if we gave poor people more assistance, they would “take advantage”.

Do you believe with 28 per cent that believe people living in poverty “usually have lower moral values.

Thirty -seven per cent believe those living in poverty in Canada “have it pretty good”  ($30,000 for a family of four.)

Are poor people lazy?

What do you think?