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April 10, 2011

The system we now have  in Canada is that each political party receives a subsidy of $2 for each vote they receive in a general election.  So if the separatist Bloc receives a million votes they are entitled to $2million from  the public  purse.  In fact most of the Bloc’s funding comes from this tax-payer subsidy.

Can you imagine that if there were a separatist party in Texas?  Would Washington subsidize them?  Get real.

Many Canadians strenuously oppose the vote subsidy because they don’t want any of  their money going to a separatist party in Quebec.

Harper  has promised to end the vote subsidy across the board if he wins the next election.

Doesn’t the vote subsidy avoid the millions sloshing around for American  elections?

Should political parties be subsidized?

What do you think?