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March 9, 2011

There is a front page story in today’s New York Times about the explosion in the priestly sex abuse crisis in Philadelphia.  It it as bad, if not worse than Boston.

A grand jury indicted four church people, including a senior monsignor, on criminal charges related to sex abuse.  Thirty seven priests guilty of sex abuse were said to be still active.

The Cardinal, Rigali, issued a statement in which he flatly said there were no priests in ministry suspected of sex abuse.

Yesterday the Cardinal issued another statement flatly contradicting his first one.  He suspended 21 priests from ministry which means they cannot say mass, wear the Roman collar or hear confessions.  Other priests are expecting the axe.  This is the largest number of priests dismissed in one shot in American church history.

Questions are now being asked about  what Cardinal Rigali knew and when he knew it?

Should the Cardinal resign?

Do Cardinals lie?

Will the church sex abuse crisis never end?

What do you think?