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November 12, 2011

Joe Paterno, now 84 years old, has been the football coach at Penne State since 1949.  He is the winningest coach in the history of American college football.  In a 10 pm phone call Paterno was fired summarily and told not to attend today’s Penn State game against Nebraska which will be nationally televised.

Did Paterno , beloved on the campus, deserve this shabby treatement.  Some eight years ago an assistant coach told Paterno that another coach, Jerry Sandusky, was seen sexually assaulting a 10 year-old boy in the shower.  The boy indeed was being raped but so far as I know there is no evidence whether Paterno was told the gory details’

In any event, Paterno took the information, whatever it was, up the chain to his superiors which he was legally bound to do.

The rap on Paterno is that he did not see to it that the information was placed in the hands of the police.  But suppose we were in his shoes.  Is it so clear that, having told our immediate superiors, we were legally responsible for seeing the info got to the police?  I wonder.

Joey Paterno is now a disgraced old man.  His years of service to Penn state (he raised millions of dollars for the University) just rubbed out.  Could not Paterno have been put on administrative leave until all this has been sorted out?

Should today’s nationally televised Penn State game been cancelled?

Should Penn State’s football program be suspended for a year?

Was Paterno dealt with fairly?

What do you think?


November 10, 2011

Penn State and its football team are now embroiled in one of the greatest scandals in the history of  American college football.  It emerged that an assistant coach, Jerry Sandusky, was over a period sexually assaulting a group of boys.  Other coaches including the famous Joe Paterno himself did not do enough to bring these accusations to the police.

But when the scandal broke several days ago, the university authorities moved with lightning speed.  Coach Paterno (aged 84) has been fired.  The president of the university has been fired.  Two other university officials have been charged.  It is expected that other officials and coaching staff will face charges.  In other words within literally hours of the scandal emerging, those who helped cover it up (unwittingly or not) are out, gone.

Compare this swift justice with how the Catholic  church deals with sex abuse.  Almost all the bishops who aided and abetted and covered up these abuse are still in place – secure in their jobs.  One bishop only is being brought to book.  Bishop Robert Finn of Kansas city has been criminally charged with covering up sex abuse.  But it was not church authorities that nailed him.  It was a grand jury.  And Bishop Finn is still in the job.

How long can the Catholic  church go on protecting bishops who aided, abetted and covered up sexual abuse of children.

Should not the church take a leaf from the book at Penn State where authroties came down swiftly and hard on the perpetrators?

Could the contrast betweeen the two approches be more clear?

Can the Catholic church learn from Penn State?

What do you think?