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June 7, 2011

This morning in Quebec city a fourth member of the PQ resigned from the party.  This in addition to the three heavyweights yesterday – Louise Beaudoin, Pierre Curzi and Lisette Lapointe, the wife of Jacques Parizeau.  And this in addition to the dreadful defeat sustained in the federal election by the Bloc Quebecois, which dropped from 47 to four seats.

A top PQ strategist, Jean-Francois Lisee, wrote on his blog that these resignation show that “the future of the PQ is behind it.”  He added that the resignations would reduce the PQ’s chances of winning either the next election or a sovereignty referendum.

Ostensibly the resignations are over leader Pauline Marois’s orders that all PQ members must vote to support a bill which prohibits aany citizen from suing over the questionable deal to build a hockey arena in Quebec City.  Actually they are about Marois’ leadership which many PQ members charge is autocratic.  The question now is whether her leadership is fatally compromised.

So where does the PQ  go from here?  Is the party starting to unravel?

Are the separatists finished?

What do you think?


March 30, 2011

Every few months former separatist premier Jacques sticks his head above the parapet and thunders on about an independent Quebec.  As he did this week.

Parizeau said the PQ under Pauline Marois is not doing enough to prepare for the next referendum.  Parizeau says the PQ should be less interested in governing a province and more in building a country;

Parizeau also says that when she becomes premier, Marois should be ready to spend tax dollars to promote independence.

All this is dangerous for Marois who faces a party vote on her leadership in April.

Should we pay any attention to Parizeau?

Does he still matter?

What do you think?