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August 8, 2011

The Murdoch media scandal in the U.K continues to stain other institutions.  First, it was the poliicians, then the journalists, then the police.  And now it has reached he Catholic church in England and Wales.

Just about a year ago now English Catholics were preparing for the Pope’s visit in September.  It was going to be very costly so the hierarchy put their muscle on as many high-flyers as they could.

One they approached was Rupert Murdoch himself.  Although not a Catholic himself, Murdoch has given to Catholic causes before.  He is also a papal knight.

And the gift bought Murdoch some access.  He met the pope at Westminster Cathedral. His son, James, met Benedict XVI at another papal reception.

The editor of the London Tablet wrote this week:  “Do Catholics really want their memories of one of the greatest occasions in their national Church’s history to be sullied by links to the corrupt and the cruel?  A welcome gesture now would be to return the Murdoch money and find other ways of replenishing the church coffers.”

Should the Catholic Church return the Murdoch money?

Should it refuse Murdoch money in the future?

What do you think?


July 21, 2011

The British phone-hacking scandal is creeping closer Ptime Minister David Cameron.  His Tory party has admitted that another former Murdoch news executive recentlhy arrested may have provided the government with public relations advice before the last election.

Two senior police officers have already resiged because they were too closely associated with Murdoch executives.  So what about Cameron.

This on top of the fact that Cameron had 26 meetings with Murdoch, Rebekah Brooks and other senior Murdoch people since the time he became prime minister last May.  What were they talking about.?

The Labour leader charges that Cameron has refused to explain his connections to Murdoch and has even refused to apologize for hiring Andy Coulson.

There are a growing number of groups that are now saying Cameron is too tainted by Murdoch and should fall on his sword like the senior police commanders.  There is also a group of hard line conservative in Parliament who would be happy to see Cameron go.

Cameron is fortunate that Parliament has now risen for the summer and will not return until October.  That will take some of the heat of the P.M.  But every observer says this Murdoch scandal will continue for months, if not years.

Will David Cameron be forced to resign?

What do you think?