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January 7, 2012

NDP leadership candidate Nathan Cullen has called for a national referendum on the monarchy. Next week at their convention young Liberals will debate a somewhat similar resolution:  Should we elect a Canadian head of state? The  Liberals say the monarchy is out of touch with our multicultural, democratic country.

In Quebec the monarchy is seen as anachronistic and alienating.

In this morning’s Gazette, national affairs columnist Stephen Maher writes “I hope we will have a debate about this because without a debate it’s hard to know how Canadians really feel.”

If Canadians want to we could elect our own governor-general, declare that person our head of state and still remain in the Commonwealth.

How do you think a referendum on the monarchy would turn out?

Should we have one?

What do you think?


August 17, 2011

The Harper Government has decided that our armed forces will now be called the Royal Canadian Navy and the Royal Canadian Air Force.  Are we now sliding back into the cozy cocoon of the Mother Country.  Why do we have to suck up to the Crown?  Are we an independent country or are we not?

Quebeckers, historians and anti-monarchists have all denounced this move.  Critics claim that the word “royal” conjures up images of colonialism and a time when our forces were the defenders of the British Empire, not just the country of Canada.

Professor Pierre Anctil at Ottawa University said the new names will bring back painful memories when francophones opposed conscription during the two world wars.

The Bloc Quebecois roundly condemned the move.

A spokesman for the Royal Canadian Legion said the money required to change all the names to “Royal” could better be used to directly strengthn the armed forces themselves.

Should Canada’s military be royal?

What do you think?