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April 5, 2011

Remember when President Obama said Gadhafi had to go.

Well, he hasn’t gone yet.  Apparently he doesn’t plan to go anywhere.  So where does that leave Obama and the coalition.  Especially when you consider the Libyan dictator is decimating his opposition who are fighting among themselves.

Suppose Gadhafi hangs in there.  This would be a dreadful intolerable defeat for Obama and the United States.

So what are the options.?

Here’s one.  We know there are American secret service men on the ground in Libya.  What do you bet these intelligence experts don’t know exactly where Gadhafi is.  One smart bomb dropped on his lair and Gadhafi is gone for good.

Isn’t that the cleanest and quickest way to end Gadhafi and the civil war in Libya which could carry on for months.

Should Kadhafi be assassinated?

What do you think?


March 22, 2011

General Carter Ham. U.S.  c ommander in Libya says air attacks are likely to taper off.  He adds that he has no orders to capture, kill or oust Colonel Gadhafi.  The US is on ly over Libya to protect civilians from Gadhafi’s guns.

But wait a minute.  President Obama says Gadhafi must go.  So does Stephen Harper.  But what better way to get rid of him than to take him out.  Which is exactly what the British tried to do in one of the bombing waves.  The missile was intended to kill Gadhafi.  It destroyed a building in his fortified compound.

If Gadhafi is allowed to carry on he will be at the centre of a civil war that could go on for years.

What better way to make him go than to target him either for killing or capture.

Should the coalition go after Gadhafi personaaly?

What do you think?