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June 4, 2011

John Edwards (once a serious candidate for the presidency) lost his wife to cancer.  He then lost his political career to a scandal of his own making.  His children have been put through the ringer.  Now the authorities are charging him with using campaign funds to cover up the child he had with his mistress. If guilty he faces jail and stiff fines.

What exactly is the purpose of continuing to hound this man when he’s down.  Who would be served by sentencing him to a long term in jail?  Are we dealingwith prosecution or persecution here?

Besides almost all legal experts says the case against Edwards is extremely weak.  He is charged with diverting money from two donors to shield his mistress.  One of the donors is now dead and the other is a hundred-year-old woman who may well not be able to testify.  Edward’s defense is tha he was given the money as a gift for his personal use, not as a campaign donation.

It is not illegal to accept a gift.  So why the hounding?

Should John Edwards be prosecuted/persecuted?

What do you think?


September 4, 2008

The leader in Wednesday’s New York Times concluded thus: “Choosing Ms Palin raises serious questions about Mr. McCain’s qualifications.”l

Exactly. Up to and including her speech last night (in which she exceeded expectations), Sarah Palin has dominated the Republican convention: Is she the token woman candidate? Is she a good parent? Did she have her brother-in-law fired because he abused her sister?

Now the debate is moving back to where, in my opinion, it rightly belongs. Not whether she is the best person in America to be a heart beat from the White House? But why did John McCain choose her? The real debate should be about McCain, not Palin.

Up until now John McCain seemed like the safe choice for president. His character (except for the messy dumping of his first wife so he could marry his current one) is beyond reproach. His experience is broad and deep. He seemed to be the best candidate to take an emergency phone call at three o’clock in the morning.

With his choice of Sarah Barracuda, all bets are off.

Her choice reveals McCain’s penchant to act impulsively, to fire from the hip, to not do his homework, and to opt for eye-popping surpise over the rational choice. All this added to his barely submerged anger and hair-trigger temper.

Doesn’t this tell us a lot about what McCain would be like in the Oval office? Undisciplined, impetuous, fly by the seat of his pants. How would that temperament play if he were seated across from Putin over another Georgia crisis. Oh, yes, and don’t forget. As commander-in chief, McCain would have his hand on the nuclear button. Scarey!!!

In his choice of Palin, McCain neither exercised due diligence nore good judgement. His decision has already proven to be a political disaster. It could be a disaster with global implications if Palin is ever thrust into the top job.

Do you agree that the choice of Palin goes to the heart of John McCain’s judgement?

Is McCain too volatile to have his finger on the nuclear button?

Do you agree McCain has made the worst vice-presidential pick since 1972 when Senator Thomas Eagleton failed to disclose to George McGovern that he had been treated with electro-shocks for depression?

Do you trust the volatile McCain?

Catharine and I are going to Ontario this morning.. for a family re-union and some golf. Back Sunday. Have a great weekend.