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March 21, 2011

Should the most powerful man in the world be traipsing around South America and enjoying the flesh pots of Rio de Janiero. Remember Obama is commander-in-chief, he heads the world most powerful economy, he is a world-class orator, he is president and head of state.
Remember too what is on his desk in the Oval Office.

He is running two wars against Muslim states, he has begun another war against Libya. Japan, one of great allies, is crumbling and he is nowehere to to be found when it comes to the debt crisis.

Is this anyway to run a railroad?

An official from the White House said this was a business trip. Do you know of any businessman who takes his wife, two little children and his mother-in-law on a business trip. Give me a break!

Obama is paid to lead?

Where is the leadership when he is on another continent?

Should Obama be in Rio?

What do you think?


March 15, 2011

The news from Japan is ominous.  The nuclear reactor meltdown in that country is threatening death and destruction in that country?

Is there a lesson here for us and the United States?

So far as I can figure out Canada has seven active reactors, the U.S has 65 and is planning to build more.

We have already had serious malfunctions at the Pickering plant in Ontario. A senior American scientist said last week that U.S. reactors lack adequate backup power to shut down a reactor safely in the event of an emergency – one of the problems affecting the Japanese facilities.

And what about nuclear reactors’ by-product – spent fuel rods – remains an additional lethal hazard.  In Canada alone there is enough such waste to fill six hockey rinks from the ice surface to the top of the boards.  They are supposed to be buried deep underground but nobody wants them. As of now the rods have found a temporary home on the reactors’ sites, either colling in pools of water or encased in concrete.  They provide tempting targets for terrorists.  To p ut them deep in the ground will cost $16 billion to $24 billion.  Imagine how muchgood that amount of money would do if it were invested in genuine green sources of power.

In view of what is happening in Japan and the dangers of our own reactors, should we shut our reactors down and get out of the nuclear business?

What do you think?