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October 9, 2011

The NHL is going through a very bad  patch.  It’s best player, crosby,  is suffering from concussion.   Three players are dead, two suicides.  There is a groundswell to cut back on fighting in the NHL to avoid further serious injuries.

All are in favour of fewer injuries  it would seem, except Don Cherry, the thug in CBC’s Coaches Corner.  In a rant last week, Cherry singled out  three former players calling them  ” a bunch of pukes” because they publicly suggested those who fight in the NHL are more likely to turn to substance abuse.

Retired forward, Stu grimson, says Cherry went too far this time.  “He’s edging ever closer to the line …. and I think there will come a point when he steps over the line and the CBC decides it’s time to shut the senile old uncle down..”

Frankly, I  don’t think the CBC brass have the guts to shut cherry down.  Besides his program, despite the rants, is a money-maker.

Should the CBC shut down Don C herry?

What do you think?