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November 9, 2011

Four women have now levelled serious sexual harassment charges against Herman Cain.  Sharon Bialek says he groped her after they dined together in Chicago.  Karen Kraushaar says Cain sexually harrased her when she was working for him at the Restaurant.

In a press conference yesterday in Arizona, Cain denied all the charges.  He claims he never met and did not know Bialek.  He said he was ready to take a lie detector text on the matter.

Should Cain take a lie detector test?

Karen Kraushaar is tying to arrange a joint press conference with the other women.  Is that aa good idea.

Who is more likely to be lying here?  Is it the women who by coming forward have left themselves open to a media storm?  On the other hand why did they remain silent about these accusations for 14 years.?

Is it Cain lying because he wants to save his presidential bid?  Cain says he has no intention of dropping out.  Should he?

Are women’s organizations outraged by this contretemps?  If so why are they not saying so more loudly?

What is the truth about these accusations and denials?

What do you think?


November 2, 2011

Through her lawyer, one of Herman Cain’s accusers, Ms A, says she wants to tell her side of the story.  But she is forbidden to do so by a confidentiality agreement she signed with the Restaurant Association at the time of the settlement.  She received a settlement of $35,000 contingent on the fact that she mantain her silence.  Her lawyer want the Restaurant Association to lift the agreement so that Ms A can speak openly.

Ms A’s basic argument is that Cain is going around the country telling lies about her situation and that it is only just that she be able to respond.

Should the Restaurant Association lift the confidentiality agreement so Ms A can speak?

If she speaks openly should Ms A be forced to return her $35,000 settlement?

Should Cain’s accuser be allowed to speak?

What do you think?


November 1, 2011

The pizza man, Herman Cain, is at the top or near the top every poll for the Republican nomination.  Now, it suddenly emerges that some years ago when he ran the restaurant association Cain was accused by two women of sexual harrasment.  After early fudgings and denials, Cain finally and reluctantly coughed up some hard information.  The two women did accuse him.  An internal  investigation supposedly cleared him.  He knew of one woman who was ;paid off.

But there are a lot of questions still up in the air, unanswered.

How, for example, as head of the restaurant association, could he have been “unaware” of  the details of legal settlements paid out on his watch?

Why doesn’t Cain go to the restaurant association and ask to see the relevant file on the matter?

Would most Americans want this kind of man to be their president?

Is Herman Cain finished?

What do you think?