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September 1, 2015

” Harper forgive us, we knew not what you did not know ”

A few days ago, a headline from the Calgary Herald made sensation throughout the country. With the Duffy scandal and the media not letting go, even Harper’s rally people got in to it.  What do you think is going to come out of this?

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What’s your opinion?


August 30, 2015


Here’s a few words to describe what the new york times said a few days ago about the 2015 election campaign.

” THE prime minister of Canada, Stephen Harper, has called an election for Oct. 19, but he doesn’t want anyone to talk about it.

He has chosen not to participate in the traditional series of debates on national television…His own campaign events were subject to gag orders until a public outcry forced him to rescind the forced silence of his supporters. ”

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December 13, 2011

Canada is formally withdrawing from the Kyoto Protocol on climate change, abandoning the world’s only legally binding plan to tackle global warming.  Harper himself disdains the Kyoto Protocol because it fails to include the world’s two largest greenhouse gas emitters – China and the United States.

The  reasons the Harper government for this move is that it would be too expensive for Canada to cut emissions to the levels required.  Environment Minister Peter Kent predicted other  countries will follow Canada’s example and bail out.

Environments and opposition Mps rejected Mr. Kent’s arguments and charged Canada’s reputation has been damaged by its role in disrupting other countries’ efforts to approve a second phase of Kyoto.

Green Party leader, Elizabeth May, fought back tears as she reacted to the news. She said, “This is just not big, this is disastrous for Canada.  I’m embarrassed to be represented by this government.

Do you believe that man-made climate change should be regulated by an international body?

Should Canada have quit Kyoto?

What do you think?


October 3, 2011

The Harper government seems hell bent for leather to raise the profile of the monarchy in Canada and in so doing make the country more royal.

Consider what’s been happening.  Our armed forces must be called “royal”.

And what about this?  Two years in jail for preventing someone from displaying a Canadian flag!

The monarchist bent of the Harper government is even more intolerable than its overzealous veneration  of the national flag.  From now on, all Canadian embassies  will be forced to welcome their visitors with a huge portrait of the Queen –  a misrepresentation of modern Canada  where the British monarchy is nothing but a mere symbol.

Worse still, two landscapes of Alfred Pellan, one of Quebec’s foremost 20th century artists (ironically he was a committed federalist)  were removed from the Foreign Affairs headquarters in Ottawa and replaced by a picture of the Queen.

French canadians are not hostile to the crown.  They are indifferent.  What they don’t  want to see is more symbols of a history they don’t share forced on them.

Should Canada become more royal?

What do  you think?


May 26, 2011

Today, the G8 summit begins in Deauville, France.  Seven of the eight countries involved back President Obama’s policies on the Middle East, including returning to Israel’s 1967 borders with appropriate land swaps.  Only one country is out of step.  Our own Canada led by Stephen Harper.

Mr. Harper made his opposition to Obama’s position on the Israeli-Palestinian problem very clear after the Obama speech.

A British official at the conference said this:  “Mr. Harper is clearly  the odd man out on this one and it won’t do him any favours.”Canada has not been included in preliminary discussions at the summit because of Mr. Harper’s isolationist position.  In fact, Mrt. Harper’s real position seems to be to back Israel right or wrong.

Should the G8 countries be able to take a unified position on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?

Should Harper get on board with the other seven?

What do you think?