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February 1, 2012

I stand ready to lead this party and to lead this nation” Mitt Romney.

Florida primary results:
Mitt Romney wins with 46%
Newt Gingrich 31%
Rick Santorum 13%
Ron Paul 7%

With the results in for the Florida Primary showing a commanding win for Romney, is it now a clear run to the GOP nomination? You can cast a vote in the poll below.


December 4, 2011

Well, sadly, we won’t have Herman Cain to kick around any more.  The disgraced southener bailed  out from the GOP presidential campaign, not because women accused him of sex but because his family is hurting.

Even so, Cain will have a few more minutes in the television sun.  He says he will endorse another candidate and he will do so in the next few days.

I  take it as a given that Cain will endorse either Romney or Gingrich and at the moment the odds favour the latter.

Is that a good thing.  I suppose it depends on your viewpoint.  Gingrich is now leading or near the top in Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina or Florida.  If he sweeps those states or even takes three of them, it will almost certainly be a mortal blow for the Romney camp.  Cain’s support for Gingrich might well put him over the top and guarantee his nomination.

Such a development is very bad news for Romney and, I suggest, very good news for Romney.  I say flatly if Gingrich is the nominee, Obama will defeat him easily, going away.  Newt fancies himself as a high-powered intellectuals, a man of big ideas.  What’s  his latest big idea?  Why, that the child labour laws be changed so that young children can be hired  as janitors in the public school system.  Some big idea!

However, if Cain endorses Romney, it gives the governor a  leg  up.  If Romney is the nominee,  it will be closer race and Obama will have a tougher time time winning.

Naturally, I hope Cain endorses Gingrich.

Who should Cain endorse?

What do you think?


November 30, 2011

Four women have publicly accused Herman Cain of sexually harassing them.  Cain says they are all lying.  Now a fifth women has stated that she and Cain had a 13-year affair that ended when he decided to run for president.  Cain says she is lying.  Oddly, Cain’s lawyer issued a statement saying an affair between consenting adults is nobody’s business but theirs.  Cain now says he is reassessing his run for the  Oval office.

Indeed Cain’s support is collapsing.  The question is where will it go?  The answer almost certainly is that it will go to Gingrich.  Today’s Globe and Mail speaks of a “stampede” to Gingrich.  He already leads Romney in Iowa and South Carolina and is within striking distance in New Hampshire.

This is very good news for Obama.  He would beat Gingrich more easily than he would beat Romney.  His operatives are salivating at the thought of Gingrich as the Republican nominee.

Sadly for the GOP, this presidential race has turned into a carnival.  Perry, Bachman and now Cain are all losers who should not be running for the highest office in the land.  Can you imagine a former pizza magnate with multiple charges of harassing women ending up in the White House.  It boggles the mind.  Cain’s sexual shenanigans have demeaned the whole race.  It is a carnival in which the most impressive candidate, Jon Hunstman, does not get anywhere with these rock-ribbed conservatives.

Should Cain get out of the race now?

Is Cain hurting the GOP?

What do you think?


November 9, 2011

Four women have now levelled serious sexual harassment charges against Herman Cain.  Sharon Bialek says he groped her after they dined together in Chicago.  Karen Kraushaar says Cain sexually harrased her when she was working for him at the Restaurant.

In a press conference yesterday in Arizona, Cain denied all the charges.  He claims he never met and did not know Bialek.  He said he was ready to take a lie detector text on the matter.

Should Cain take a lie detector test?

Karen Kraushaar is tying to arrange a joint press conference with the other women.  Is that aa good idea.

Who is more likely to be lying here?  Is it the women who by coming forward have left themselves open to a media storm?  On the other hand why did they remain silent about these accusations for 14 years.?

Is it Cain lying because he wants to save his presidential bid?  Cain says he has no intention of dropping out.  Should he?

Are women’s organizations outraged by this contretemps?  If so why are they not saying so more loudly?

What is the truth about these accusations and denials?

What do you think?


November 2, 2011

Through her lawyer, one of Herman Cain’s accusers, Ms A, says she wants to tell her side of the story.  But she is forbidden to do so by a confidentiality agreement she signed with the Restaurant Association at the time of the settlement.  She received a settlement of $35,000 contingent on the fact that she mantain her silence.  Her lawyer want the Restaurant Association to lift the agreement so that Ms A can speak openly.

Ms A’s basic argument is that Cain is going around the country telling lies about her situation and that it is only just that she be able to respond.

Should the Restaurant Association lift the confidentiality agreement so Ms A can speak?

If she speaks openly should Ms A be forced to return her $35,000 settlement?

Should Cain’s accuser be allowed to speak?

What do you think?


November 1, 2011

The pizza man, Herman Cain, is at the top or near the top every poll for the Republican nomination.  Now, it suddenly emerges that some years ago when he ran the restaurant association Cain was accused by two women of sexual harrasment.  After early fudgings and denials, Cain finally and reluctantly coughed up some hard information.  The two women did accuse him.  An internal  investigation supposedly cleared him.  He knew of one woman who was ;paid off.

But there are a lot of questions still up in the air, unanswered.

How, for example, as head of the restaurant association, could he have been “unaware” of  the details of legal settlements paid out on his watch?

Why doesn’t Cain go to the restaurant association and ask to see the relevant file on the matter?

Would most Americans want this kind of man to be their president?

Is Herman Cain finished?

What do you think?


October 10, 2011

At a religious conservative convention over the week-end, a popular Baptist minister said he could not support Mitt Romney over Rick Perry.  The reason he said was that Mitt Romney, a mormon belonged to a “cult” separated from the christian religion. Naturally a minister could not support a candidate who was not a Christian over another candidate who was a firm believer.

The Baptist minister, rev. Jeffress, maintains that all the polls show that at least 40 per cent of fundamentalist Christians will not support Romney under any circumstances.

Is Mormonism a “cult” in the sense that it is outside the boundaries of biblical Christianity?

Mormonism was started by Joseph Smith in the 1820’s and he was succeeded by Brigham Young.

Mormonism to day represents the new non-Protestant faith taught by Smith in the 1840’s.

Protestant theologian, Rev. Albert Mohler states the following. “Mormonism rejects the Bible as  the sole and sufficient authority for the Christian faith.  Mormonism rejects what orthodox Christianity affirms and it affirms what orthodox Christianity  rejects.”

Is Governor Romney’s religion anybody’s business except his own.?

Will Governor Romney’s Mormonism hurt him at the polls?

Do you consider governor Romney a Christian?


October 6, 2011

After months of political strip tease, Sarah Palin finally decided.  She won’t run for president after all.  Her explanation is that she puts her family, God and the country in that order.

Far more likely she looked at the data and threw  up her hands.  She has the highest unfavourable ratings of any politician in the country.  An ABC poll just out says two-thirds of Republicans did not want palin to run. A late September poll on CNN  showed that Mr. Obama would beat ms Palin by 21 percentage points if an election were held today.

Palin, in my view, is a semi-hysterical woman – a harridan of the first order.  She won’t have any real influence on the campaign.  Can you imgine any of the real candidates suing on bended knee for her endorsement   It’s a laugher.

Even some of the Tea Party feel she teased them, then sold them out.

Why did Palin chicken out?

What do  you think?


August 13, 2011

Today is the famous GOP straw poll in Ames, Iowa.  There is a good chance that Michelle Bachman could come out on top.  Which will move her closer to the nomination.

But what about her health problems?  What about her migraines?  These are a serious medical matter, one she has not fully addressed.  The record shows that she missed a number of House votes because of the migraines.  Nevertheless, she has declined to answer more detailed questions, release her medical records or respond to reports that she was hospitalized several times.

Bachaman’s supporters argue that the scrutinycarries a whiff of misogyny, okaying into stereotypes of women as mentally weak.  But voters have a right to know about the health of would-be presidents.  If anything, when it comes to sharing medical information, it would be sexist to hold Bachman to lower expectations.

Once I  had a couple of colleagues who suffered from migraines.  When the migrqaines hit they locked their doors and sometimes did not appear for three days.

What if Bachman has a severe migraine and the nuclear phone rings in the middle of the night?

Should Bachman come clean on her migraines?

What do you think?


July 23, 2011

Today a frustrated President Obama summoned congressional leaders to the White House for a drop-dead meeting on the debt ceiling.   Twice now Speaker Boehner has double-crossed  the President by breaking off the talks without any warning.  It is clear now the GOP is more interested in presidential politics than they are in the fiscal health of the nation.

In some ways this whole debt-ceiling debate is as phony as a three-doller bill.  Get this.  The money they are talking about has already been spent.  Let me explain.  Congressional spending authority is like running up credit car debt.  The money has already been spent, even before you get the bill.  Refusing to raise the debt ceiling is equivalent to deciding that y ou’d rather not pay the bill.

So for Congress to refuse to raise the debt ceiling is the exact opposite of fiscal [rudence; it is an act of dishonesty and supreme irresponsibility.  This would do the exact opposite of what the GOP claims they want.  The inmates have taken over the asylum.

When it comes to the debt ceiling, are the Republicans nuts?

What do you think