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October 28, 2011

Rick Mercer is a very successful CBC comedian.  He is also openly gay.  He also  says that all gay people who are in the public eye should be open about their homosexuality.  “I know gay cops, soldiers, athletes, cabinet ministers.”  Mercer says gay teenagers need them as role models because gay teens are being bullied and some take their own lives.

One of the signal victories of the past few decades has been to free gay people from the burden of secrecy.  Should they now be placed under an obligation of openess?

Mr. Mercer may be right that if all gay athletes, soldiers, politicians etc., were able to make their sexual orientation known far and wide, it would reduce the power of stereotype and spread tolerance.  It might weaken the the position of  the bullies, or at least give strength and comfort to vulnerable teens.

Mr. Mercer seems to be saying that it falls to successful gay adults to protect vulnerable gay teens from the problems associated with being different.

Should all gay people in public life come out?

What do you think?


August 31, 2011

In his column in this morning’s Montreal Gazette, Mike Boone discusses a new group called Guerrilla Queer Bar takeover – one part party, one part social experiment and one part activism.

On September 22 a group of non-heterosexuals will meet for an evening of  gaiety at a drinking establishment that does not cater to either a gay or lesbian clientele.  Participants won’t know their destination until a day before the event.

The Washington Post describes the GQB recipe as “mix a  few hundred gay and straight patrons in a small space, add music and alcohol and see what happens.”

Boone writes “the best case scenario is a few hours of boozy peace, love and understanding.  The worst-case scenario is a busy night for Urgence Sante.” The event’s manifesto begins: “Sick of the same gay bars in the village every weekend, year in year out?  Sick of o nly having ONE option for a lesbian bar in the city?  The new gay group plans on taking over straight bars on the first Friday of every month, spreading the gay agenda across the entire city.   (http://the GQB informs the straight bar the night before.

Will straight bar patrons be upset by an influx of gays?

Should gays stick to their own bars?

Should gays frequent straight bars?

What do you think?


August 5, 2011

Some years ago, when I was still in broadcasting, I got into an on-air discussion about the sex crisis in the Catholic church with a talk-show host in the United States.  He stated dogmatically that all pedophiles were homosexual.  I told him this was rubbish.  We signed off in considerable anger.

Recently the John Jay College  of Criminality in New York released a report on the R.C.  church scandals which deals with this very subject.  Karen Terry was the chief investigator for the Jay Report.

With regard to homosexuality being the cause of the crisis, Terry and her colleagues could not be clearer in their findings, which converge with well-accepted conclusions from other social science fields.  There is no correlation between a homosexual identity and the sexual violation of a minor.  Sexual abuse is a crime of opportun ity, not of sexual identity.  In fact, the period of decline in priestly sexual abuse corresponds with both the gaying and graying of the priesthood, although Terry does not make that connection explicitly.  In any event, no Catholic pope, bishop, priest or layperson can in good conscience identify gay priests as the primary source of sexual abuse, even of boys.

The Jay report concludes that few priets were pedophiles in the strict sense.  The sexual identity of their victims is not the primary factor.  The fact of  oppo0rtunity is the key.  This in no way minimizes their crimes:  These men were criminal sexual perpetrators who preyed upon the innocent and the vulnerale when the opportunity presented itself.  They would violate whatever was handy at the moment.

Is the assertion thaat  gays caused the sex crisis in the Catholic church a canard?

What do you think?


December 31, 2008

Today I had the following letter published in the Montreal Gazette:

It is difficult to understand why Pope Benedict would choose Christmas week to launch another broadside against the way gay people live.

According to the Pope “saving” humanity from homosexual behaviour is as important as saving the rain forests. So what are homosexuals supposed to do? Remain celibate until they die? We know better now how difficult maintaining celibacy is even with vows. Or should homosexuals try to change into heterosexuals? That is even more absurd.

I’m a Catholic but I do not accept this homophobic teaching. Neither do my friends. It seems to me speaking up is one way to change it.

Neil McKenty


Do you agree?