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March 31, 2011

President Obama has now sent secret CIA operatives into Libya to gather intelligence and make contact with the rebels.  Meanwhile, the rebels are in full flight before Gadhafi’s heavily armed forces.  The rebels are begging for arms to try to slow Gadhafi’s murderous advance.

The there is speculation that within the Obama administration there is a fierce fight going on as to whether to try to arm the rebels or not.

Both Britain and France have raised he possibility of arming the rebels, although no decision has yet  been taken.  “I’m not ruling it in, I’m not ruling it out”  Obama told NBC News.

Should Obama arm the rebels?

If he does not, the rebellion will be crushed and Gadhafi will stay in power.

If he does, the United States and the coalition will be sucked into a raging civil war that could go on for months.

Should Obama arm the rebels?

What do you think?


March 29, 2011

What is as important as what Obama said last night in his speech is what he did not say.

Obama did not explain why it was important to save unarmed civilians in Libya and not important to save unarmed vililians being shot down in Syria and Yemen.

Obama did not explain why it was important that the U.S.  take the lead in libya, then turn around and hand over the lead to someone else.

Obama said earlier that Gadhafi had to go but he gave no explanation as to how this was to be done.

Obama gave no coherent explanation of what an exit strategy would  look like.

Has Obama bungled Libya?

What do you think?


March 22, 2011

General Carter Ham. U.S.  c ommander in Libya says air attacks are likely to taper off.  He adds that he has no orders to capture, kill or oust Colonel Gadhafi.  The US is on ly over Libya to protect civilians from Gadhafi’s guns.

But wait a minute.  President Obama says Gadhafi must go.  So does Stephen Harper.  But what better way to get rid of him than to take him out.  Which is exactly what the British tried to do in one of the bombing waves.  The missile was intended to kill Gadhafi.  It destroyed a building in his fortified compound.

If Gadhafi is allowed to carry on he will be at the centre of a civil war that could go on for years.

What better way to make him go than to target him either for killing or capture.

Should the coalition go after Gadhafi personaaly?

What do you think?


March 12, 2011

At his press conference yesterday, President Obama made it clear the United States would not join France and Britain in a fly-zone to stop the slaughter in Libya.  France and Britain have made it clear they will not move without the United States.

Meantime, the Libyan rebels are being shelled, strafed from the air and driven into the sea. 

The fact is a huge majority of the people in Libya live within 15 kilometers of the Mediterranean coast, which makes the establishment and maintenance of a no-flyzone considerably less difficult than it was in the former Yugoslavia and Iraq.

The United States says Gadhafi should go.  Should it not do something to hasten that along?

Should we abandon the Libyans?

What do you think?


March 3, 2011

As we speak, Colonel Gadhafi is in his redoubt in Tripoli, strafing his enemies with machine guns and vowing to stay put until the last drop of blood, his and thousands of Libyans.

Out side powers are now considering military intervention of some sort.   The one most spoken about is a no-fly zone.  This would mean that the anti-aircraft facilities in Libya would have to be bombed and destroyed.  Then the air space over Libya could be occuppied by NATO planes.  This would mean that Gadhafi could not bomb andd strafe his own people from the air.  A blood bath would be avoided.

Should the miliary intervene in Libya to stop a blood bath?

Would you favour establishing a no-fly zone over Libya?

What do you think?