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December 25, 2015


On this Christmas day, I thought a little Irish Christmas songs would be a nice way to enjoy this day and also would have pleased my friend.

So with no further due, here are The Irish Rovers.




The Irish Rovers is a group of Irish musicians, half of whom now live in Canada. The Canadian Irish folk group created in 1963 and named after the traditional song ”The Irish Rover”.


Jean P.



December 23, 2011

With just two days to go until Christmas, shoppers’ emotions are running high.  But a new biometric study suggests the holiday crunch isn’t as stressful as we assumed – and may in fact be rewarding  in some ways. The study was designed to measure the “emotional journey” experienced by consumers when confronted with a potentially hostile environment.

While the study showed stress at some points, the overall process of  locating and claiming desired gifts proved “highly satisfying” to the majority of people.

The most commonly tracked emotional  state was excited (88 per cent) followed by motivated (76 per cent) energized (69 per cent) and in control (67 per cent).  Negative emotions, such as  stressed, confused, overwhelmed, depressed and angry tracked significantlylower, at rates between seven and 19  per cent.

One expert says  that one of the greatest psychological satisfactions of holiday shopping is the sense of accomplishment.

One way to avoid Christmas  shopping stress is to opt out. My wife and I have decided not to give each other gifts.  Ergo – no stress.

Is Christmas shopping stressful?

Or is it therapeutic?

What do you think?


December 10, 2011

The wait seems endless.  The checkout line hasn’t moved in 10 minutes.  Why did you pick this line?  But you can’t risk jumping into another queue that may be slower.  Tick, tick, tick.  Maybe you don’t even want this sweater.  Would it be quicker to bail and buy it at home online?

The retail checkout line may be tedious any time of year, but it is worse during the holidays, when stores are packed and people are more likely to wait it out to meet a Dec. 25 deadline than walk away empty handed.

Nearly half of U.S. consumers say they plan to shop online this holiday season.

I’ll tell you what really bugs me.  When in the fast take out lines with a maximum of six items, the person ahead of me has double that number.  When I have the guts, I usually say something.  Also when the person ahead of me rummages around her purse looking for change and delaying everybody else.

Do you ever shop online?

Can anything be done to speed up shopping lines?

Do shopping lines bug you?


December 3, 2011

Yesterday a senior bureaucrat in Ottawa sent out a directive to banish tinsel, trees and holiday wreathes from front-line  Service Canada offices across Quebec.  After a firestorm of criticism for this down-grading of Christmas, a minister in the Harper government rescinded the directive. The move makes Santa safe for another year.

A union official commented:  “We have trouble in Quebec with handling Christmas.  As a society, we’re struggling to figure out how to deal with reasonable accomodation of minorities.”

This raises another question.  Is it still politically correct to wish some one a “Merry Christmas.”  For reasons I don’t totally understand, I am drifting to using “Happy holidays.”  Is there something the matter with me?

Is “Merry Christmas” still politically correct?

What do you think?


November 20, 2011

Santa came to town yesterday.  That brings up the matter of gifts.  Specifically gifts for children.

Did you know that on parenting blogs and forums giving cash gifts to other children e.g. birthdays is a hotly debated question with no clear-cut answer.

Crisp $10, $20 or $50 in a  birthday card may be a common and socially acceptable present for adults, but when it comes to kids, the etiquette is much murkier.

Giving a cash gift to a kid might say you don’t care for the kid enough to go out and try to figure out his personality so I won’t take the time and energy to get you a personal gift.

Another expert says it can be uncomfortable for the kids and parents if the cash gift is large and they feel as though they can never give an appropriate gift in return.

At Christmas I give my immediate adult family cash gifts hoping some of the money will trickle down to the kids.  My conscience twinges a bit when I think  writing cheques may be a lazy  way of giving gifts.  Can’t be bothered to go out and look for a personalized gift.

Is cash too tacky for a kid’s Christmas present?

What do you think?