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November 14, 2011

Canada sells more oil to the United States than any other country does.  We planned to sell another 830,000 barrels a day through the Keystone project carrying oil from Alberta to Texas.  But a telephone conversation between Hillary Clinton and President Obama has delayed the Keystone pipeline until after the 2012 election and maybe has killed it for good.  This is another example of Obama refusing to make hard decisions and punting them down the road.

Angered by this political delay, the Harper government lost no time in talking tough.  The government will now look to Asia for new oil markets.  Canada’s ace in the hole is a Northern Gateway pipeline which will carry Alberta oil to the  B.C. coast, then ship it to countries like China.

Harper also announced yesterday that Canada will formally ask to join the Trans-Pacific-Partnership trade group of nine Asia-Pacific  countries.

Does this threat to sell oil to Asia strike you as an attempt to punish the United States for its perfidy on delaying the Keystone pipeline?

Can Canada afford to get into a trade war with the U.S.?

Should Canada go through with its threat to sell our oil to Asia?

What do you think?


October 10, 2011

China’s largest energy conglomerate, Sinopec, has made a bid to buy out an Alberta oil and gas company for $2.2. billion in cash.  This bid comes amid a new  push by Asian firms to lock up Canadian energy that could  soon be loaded onto tankers and shipped across the Pacific. In buying Daylight, Sinopec is cementing a new trend that has seen Asian entities seek great control in their north American investments.  In buying Daylight, Sinopec is assuming a newly confident stance in Canada where it has operated since 2005. Daylight now pumps 38,000 barrells a day.

If it succeeds Sinopec will have opened an important door to expland chinese activity in a country whose resources and stability are increasingly coveted by foreign powers.

The Ministry of Industry must approve this deal  and it has 45 days to say yea or nay.

Should the Canadian government approve this deal?

What do you think?


Happy Thanksgiving to our merry little band of bloggers.   Neil


April 9, 2011

Canada produces more maple syrup than any other country in the world.  We also produced more hockey sticks than any other country in the world. Not any longer.

Sher-Wood, making hockey sticks for more than 60 years in Sherbrooke, is transferring its hockey stick production to China to slash costs. About 40 employees will lose their jobs although the head office employing 110 will remain in Quebec.

This is  a sad tale, the end of a storied Canadian plant making the world’s best  hockey sticks.

Could the company have  continued to make sticks in Canada.?

Seems not.

Had Sher-wood stayed in Canada making sticks, it would have been swamped by cheaper competitors  and sooner or laater would have been forced out of business altogether.

By going overseas to China to make sticks more economically, the company remains as a going concern.

Is out-sourcing the way to go?

What do you think?