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May 14, 2011

A directive came out from the Vatican yesterday ordering that the Latin mass should be more readily available.  In the sixties the Vatican Council made mass available to all Catholics in the vernacular.  Is this a step backward from that progressive policy?  Is it a sop to the traditionalists (hard-line conservatives)?

What do the pope and his septuagarian celibate advisors hope to gain by this retrograde move?  (It almost also means that the priest will now  turn his back again to the congregation.)

Some bishops are saying  this latest move in  the liturgical wars is a headache because so few priests are capable of saying a Latin Mass.  No matter. The papal instruction says local parishes had  to insert a Latin mass into their liturgical schedules if traditional faithful want it.

So there you have it.  While the church is collapsing from priestly sexual abuse (and bishops’ cover-up) in Ireland and Philadelphia the so-called male celibates in Rome are fiddling around with liturgical reform.  Go figure.

Is the Pope going backwards?

What do you think?


April 29, 2011

Did you see the superb pomp and pageanty of the royal wedding.  It has been said that only one institution on the face of the earth does pomp and cirumstance better than the British.  And that is the Vatican.

You can see the Vatican’s flair for pomp on display this Sunday when Benedict XVI presides at the first step of making his predecessor a saint.

Which begs the question”  Should the last Pope be made a saint?

Many people (including millions of Catholics) believe John Paul II did incalcuable damage to the  Church he led.

First, JPII made little effort to come to grips with the church’s sex abuse scandal that has  done more damage  to the church since the time of the Reformation.

That was bad but there’s worse.  In his appointment of bishops for the universal church the last pope followed criterea for bishopric nominations that were narrow and  parochial.  They had to swear they were opposed to artificial contraception, abortion, women priests and same-sex marriage.

The result – the pope appointed thousand of bishops who were (and are) second rate and losers.

The further result is that the governance of the church has been dreadfully weakened.

Should these benighted policies be rewarded with the first step this Sunday of being made a saint?

And this step was speeded up by a cadre of men (no women) almost all  of whom were given preferment by John Paul II.

Isn’t this church politics at its worst?

Should Pope John Paul II be a saint?

What do you think?


April 17, 2011

In an interview aired last week, suspended Catholic bishop, Rev.  Roger Vangheluwe, made light of the sexual charges against him of sexually abusing children, including his own nephew.

The former bishop of Bruge spoke of his sexual abuse as “a little game” that involved fondling but ” no rough sex”.

“I was never naked,” the bishop said and the abuse was never about “real sexuality” said the disgraced bishop who is 74.

The bishops remarks caused and uproar in Belgium with the Prime Minister, senior clergy and a prosecutor expressed shock at the way the bishop made light of his offenses.

In response the Vatican  has said this  many cannot work as a priest while Rome determines hispunishment.

Incidentally, some months ago a Nova Scotia Catholic  bishop named Lahey was charged with having child pornogrpahy.  He is supposed to appear in court in Ottawa some time this month.  I don’t think it has happened yet.  Will keep watching.

Does not even one Catholic  bishop get it?

What do you think?

Incidentally, this disgusting news about the Catholic bishop in Belgium making light of the sexual abuse of children comes just at the moment the holy Catholic Church is entering the most sacred portion of its liturgical year – Passiontide – which begins today.