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March 19, 2011

Gentlemen’s Quarterly magazine has named Canadiens fans as the worst in the National Hockey League and the 11th worst in professional sports. Here is an example of the piece: “In 2003, team veteran Patrice Brisbois was heckled almost every time he touched the puck; the jeering was so intense it likely induced a stress-related irregular heart beat. How did then GM Bob Gainey feel about his bloodthirsty fan base? ‘I think they’re abunch of gutless bastards, to be honest,’ he said.

The Habs were the only club to crack the top 15 of “the meanest fans in America.”

Are Canadiens hockey fans the worst in the NHL?

What do you think?


March 28, 2010

As this season comes to an end, the Habs, up against a salary cap, must decide what to do  about their goal-tending situation.  Should they keep Halak or Price?

Consider the record since Bob Gainey stepped. Halak has posted a 7-2-1 record during that span.  Price is 2-2-1.

Price is only 22 and he could well become an NHL all-star in the future.  But the question is can he do it under the bright lights of Montreal?  Like Latendresse, he might improve with a change of scenery.

Halak is only two years older than Price but he seems a good deal more mature.  Price is more of a play boy.

I  tend to agree with Gazette Sports editor, Stu, Cowan, who opts to keep Halak and trade Price.

What do you think?


March 14, 2009

Montreal’s storied franchise, Les Canadiens, are in the market for a coach,  Guy Carbonneau having been ignominiously fired.

For many in this hockey-mad, linguiistically challenging province,  the idea of an unilingual anglophone coaching the Canadiens is akin to having a Scotsman serving as chef in a 3-star Michelin rated Paris restaurant; even if he could do the job, it simply isn’t done.

On the other hand, many argue the best coach for the job should be hired, regardless of his proficiency in the language of Bridget Bardot.  Still others say that to have a coach who can’t communicate with the ravenous media hordes in a province where hockey is clost to religion borders on sacrilege.

The last unilingual anglo to coach the Habs was Al MacNeil in the 1970-71 season and he won a Stanley Cup.

Very much in the running for the coaching job, is  Bob Hartley, the former Colorada and Atlanta coach, who is a francophone from Ontario, fluently bi-lingual from Ontario.

But what if Bob Gainey and the Canadiens’ brass decide the best coach available is an unilingual anglophone?  Should they hire him?

Before you answer in the affirmative, what would your answer be if the Toronto Maple Leafs were looking for  a coach and the best one  available was an unilingual francophone?  Should they hire him?

I thought so.