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August 4, 2011

As things stand now, Canadian law says it is an offense punishable by a term of up to 14 years in prison.  But this week in a B.C. court, Russell Ogden is leading a group to have this prohibition of assisted suicide declared unconstiutional.  They want “self-chosen death”  to be a legal option.

Mr. Ogden’s group is pursuing the case because Canadians who are terminally ill have no appropriate option if they decide they want to die.  In a brief filed with the court Ogden writes:  “The crimi nal prohibition on assisted suicide in Canada causes immeasurable physicial and psychological suffering to persons of sound mind who are capqable of making informed decisions and who wish to end their own lives in order to avoid that suffering.  This suffering is as extreme as any suffering humanity must endure.  This case tests whether Parliament is entitled to cause such suffering to the people of Canada.”

Suppose one is an atheist or an agnostic.  Are there any sound reasonss why such a person should not end his or her life at whatever time of their choosing whether there is any suffering involved or not?

Is there any reason why “self-chosen death” should not be available in this country?

Is there any reason why assisted suicide should not be seen as a rational decision on the continuum of life.?

Polls now show that 70 per cent of Canadians now support assisted suicide.

Should assisted suicide be legal?

What do you think?


March 9, 2009

A Quebec City man is pleading for the right to end the agony of cancer and die with dignity through assisted suicide.

Each morning Andre Dion, 67, wakes to the 40 pills he needs to take to treat inoperable prostate cancer that has spread throughout his body.

His condition has become intolerable so he went public with his demand to die with dignity in a letter to Quebec newspapers.  Mr. Di on says he is at peace with his decision and is not depressed but rather comforted by his Christian beliefs that this is the right thing to do.

With each passing day, bone pain makes the suffering more unbearable, and stronger doses of medicine have all but sapped any desire to live.

In his letter to Quebec’s health minister, Yves Bolduc, Mr. Dion wrote, “I need your help so that I can best terminate my life, to die free with dignity andd pride.”

Nearly 80 per cent of Quebeckers support the notion of assisted suicide and Mr. Dion hopes public pressure will persuade the government to launch a wide public debate on the issue.

Mr. Dion wants to die at home.  “Don’t force me to go and die in Switzerland.  Help me died with p ride here in Quebec.”

“I want a doctor to hep me die with dignity by bringing me the medication for the grand departure … By ending my life in this way, I will leave, my heart fulfilled, my spirit in peace and my life content.”

Sh ould Mr. Dion be helped to die or should he continue to live and suffer?

If you were in intense pain near the end of you life would you consider assisted suicide?