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September 15, 2008

Somewhat belatedly Cardinal Jean-Claude Turcotte of Montreal is returning his Order of Canada to protest Henry Morgantaler’s being named to the order.

At the same time Turcotte is asking Canadians to seriously consider the issue of abortion before they vote in the Oct. 14 federal election. Turcotte says he doesn’t support any particular party and cannot tell politicians what to do or what to think. But he pleaded for a a serious and profound debate on abortion:

“This issue is not settled definitely and the debate that this decision [honouring Morgrentaler] has sparked shows that there is not a consensus on abortion in Canada.”

Quebec City’s Cardinal Marc Ouellet also said that Canadians should not hail Morgentaler as a hero:

“What he stands for deeply offends and infuriates many people. So, I think, there’s a limit and we have to protest and voice our opposition..”

The Quebec Federation of Women quickly denounced the attempt to reopen the abortion debate during the election campaign:

“We have never seen so many threats to abortion rights and women’s autonomy since the legalization of abortion in 1988,” said federation president Michele Asselin.

Should we have a debate about abortion in the current election campaign?

Canada is one of the only democracies in the western world that has no law whatsoever governing abortions. Should we have one?