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April 22, 2011

The program ’60 Minutes” has taken dead aim at the author, Greg Mortenson.  They charge that portions of his best-seller book “Three Cups of Tea” never happened at all.  They also charge that Mortenson has mishandled funds and exploited his enormously  successfull charity to promote his own speaking engaagements and book sales.

Also  many of the schools Mortenson built in Afghanistan Pakistan are just  empty hulks with no students.

Sixty Minutes says Morttenson has lied about the noble deeds he  has done, the risks he has taken, the people he has met, the number of  schools he has built.”

Is Greg Mortenson, the author of “Threee Cups of Tea” a fraud?

What do you think?


April 4, 2011

What is the relationship between freedom of speech and religious sensitivities?   Can the former with impunity trample on the latter?

Consider the case of Pastor Terry Jones who burned the Koran in public.  He set off three days of rage in Afghanistan with 24 people already killed in the demonstrations.  His action has put civilians and even soldiers of the coalition at risk. Rev. Jones will suffer no consequences.  He was just exercising his freedom of expression.  In fact Jones could burn another Koran tomorrow and he would suffer no penalties.

Does that make sense?  Should one be able to burn a bible in a cathedral or desecrate the Koran in a mosque?

Free speech is not an absolute.

In the eyes of most Afghans and Muslims for that matter, the U.S. government should treat an insult to Islam in the same way Muslim governments treat it — as a crime.

The Afghan minister of education said:  “Our expectation of the government of the United States is that it should have prevented him, seized him, held him or put him in prison so that he didn’t do this action.”

This burning of the Koran has inflamed many Muslims against us threatening our national security.

Should it be allowed to continue”

Should burning the Koran be a crime?

What do you think?


August 22, 2008

Yesterday three more Canadian soldiers were killed in Afghanistan bringing the total to 93 since the mission began.  Several observers are calling for a review of Canada’s commitment.  One of these is Alexandre (Sacha) Trudeau, son of the former prime minister.

Trudeau says “our aggressive military activities in Afghanistan are foolish and wrong.”  He adds, “We’re going to have to leave the place or there’ll be nothing left of us or of whatever we’ve done, escept the blood we’ve lost there after we leave. So it’s better we leave now.”

Britain was defeated in Afghanistan.  So was Russia.  Is there any reason to believe that NATO will succeed where the others failed?

Sacha Trudeau says we out to leave now.

Do you agree?