Radio highlights – listen here

Here you can listen to some selected radio clips from Neil McKenty’s time on the radio. To see the entire collection of radio clips, visit the archives.

Society and popular culture

Boy George 1984TV commercialsGood LookingDrunk DrivingRadio NostalgiaWhat’s your favourite pastime?Conjugal visitsBeatles  • Has women’s lib made men angry?Pornography

Canadian Politics

Joe ClarkJohn DiefenbakerRené LévesqueWestern SeparatismDonald Johnson, Montreal politicianNational Assemby ShootingSandra Gwyn, author of The Private Capital: Ambition and Love in the Age of Macdonald and LaurierGerard Pelletier Aislin, political cartoonist

Arts, Media and Culture

Maureen Forrester Alexander GaudieriAll about radioInterview clipsBarbara Matuson, author of Evening Stars (American network news)


Driving with your mateAll about willsDiet and HealthDoes the mind affect our health?The competitive spiritCancerPets, Dr. Michael MiltsRomanceTeenage drivers  • Premenstrual tension

International politics

Neil reports from IsraelThe PLOSouth AfricaNuclear first strike


Marcel Belisle: Montreal heroVille Marie: charity for ChristmasVisitors to MontrealMontreal Gazette, publisher Clark Davey

Interviews with Neil


Strategies for livingThe Canadian psyche  

Ethics and religion

Moral EducationAthiesmReligion and homosexuality • The pope and birth control

The Kitchen Sink

What’s on your mind • Housework Laurels and Lemons (episode 173) • Housework (episode 175)

The radio archives

For the comprehensive list of recordings, click here.

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