September 19, 2016


The conference will be held on Friday, October 28, 2016, at the Toronto Don Valley Hotel.

The Neil McKenty Memorial Lecture will be given by Dr. Anne Hallward, MD (Harvard). On the subject of :  The Fear of Labelling: Shame & Stigma, Silence & Suicide among Youth, Adults and Seniors. 


Here’s a bit of info on Dr. Anne Hallward, MD.  She is a psychiatrist in Portland, Main.  She had her medical education & training at the Harvard Medical School where she taught on the faculty and she co-created classes on Human Sexuality, Psychiatric Interviewing and Cultural Competence in Medicine.  She complete her residency at Cambridge Hospital-Cambridge Health Alliance and she teaches nationally about shame and traumatic silence, and was given the Exemplary Psychiatrist of 2013 award by the National Alliance on Mental Illness.  She also has a radio program at http://www.safespaceradio.com.  Which was founded in 2008.

The conference will go on all day with many more speakers and specialists on the subject of Mental Illness.

Here are some useful links for the conference down below.

-The 11th Educational Conference on Mental Health: http://www.careconferences.com

-Toronto Don Valley Hotel: http://www.torontodonvalleyhotel.com

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Jean P.

Neil McKenty Memorial Lecture

September 15, 2016

At the 11th Educational Conference on Mental Health on Friday October 28, 2016, there will be the Neil McKenty Memorial Lecture. It will be given by Dr. Anne Hallward and is entitled ‘The Fear of Labelling: Shame & Stigma, Silence and Suicide Among Youth, Adults and Seniors’.

Click below to see Catharine McKenty discuss Neil and mental health before last year’s conference.

Tuesday Writing Conversation: Polly

August 29, 2016

Click below to hear Florence Corey and Catharine McKenty discuss ‘Polly of Bridgewater Farm’.

Tuesday Writing Conversation: John Main part 3

August 16, 2016

Our series on John Main continues with this conversation between Michael Lane and John Main’s nephew, Eric Johnson.





Tuesday Writing Conversation: John Main part 2

August 8, 2016

Click below to see part 2 of Catharine McKenty discussing the background to writing ‘In The Stillness Dancing’

To be continued next Tuesday

Catharine writes:
a new edition of Neil’s biography of John Main will be published in the next couple of months by Light Messages in Durham, North Carolina. This American company is also producing a new edition of Neil’s memoir ‘The Inside Story‘. To my delight, they also did a brand new editions of our prize-winning book ‘Skiing Legends and The Laurentian Lodge Club‘as well as my book ‘Polly of Bridgewater Farm – an unknown Irish story‘.
Their brand new edition of ‘McKenty Live’, edited by Alan Hustak, will be featured at the Neil McKenty memorial lecture in Toronto on October 28th at the Mental Health Conferences Canada event.
These books are available on Amazon.com or Barnes and Noble.com (see McKenty books). For schools, libraries or other groups they are offering a 40% discount for 25 copies or more of these editions.
I am truly grateful for this kind of sustained and enthusiastic support. My own aim is to share hope in difficult times as Neil did in his life and work.

‘In The Stillness Dancing’ can be ordered here.

Tuesday writing conversation: Where writing takes you…

August 2, 2016

In the video clip  below, Catharine McKenty discusses ‘In The Stillness Dancing: the Journey of John Main’



July 29, 2016

5 years ago, Neil posted this about Trump.


As he arrived to campaign in New Hampshire this morning, Donald Trump learned, to his delight, that President Obama has revealed his original birth certificate.

Imm ediately the Donald took credit for resolving the ‘birther’ issue when nobody else could:  “Today, I’m  very proud of myself because I’ve accomplished soething that nobody else  has been able to accomplish.  I am really honored, frankly, to have played such a keyrole in hopefull getting rid of this issue.”

Then Trump jumped into his black stretch limousine and headed off into the wilds of  New Hampshire to test the waters for a run to the presidency.

But Trump has a couple of other thingss to tie to the president.

Trump believes On bama’s first best-selling book was written by a ghost writer.

Trump also says that early in his career, Obama was a poor student with failing grades.

So what kind of  strings did…

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July 24, 2016

More of Neil’s thoughts on American politics


Today a frustrated President Obama summoned congressional leaders to the White House for a drop-dead meeting on the debt ceiling.   Twice now Speaker Boehner has double-crossed  the President by breaking off the talks without any warning.  It is clear now the GOP is more interested in presidential politics than they are in the fiscal health of the nation.

In some ways this whole debt-ceiling debate is as phony as a three-doller bill.  Get this.  The money they are talking about has already been spent.  Let me explain.  Congressional spending authority is like running up credit car debt.  The money has already been spent, even before you get the bill.  Refusing to raise the debt ceiling is equivalent to deciding that y ou’d rather not pay the bill.

So for Congress to refuse to raise the debt ceiling is the exact opposite of fiscal [rudence; it is an act of dishonesty and…

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July 23, 2016

Neil was thinking about American politics in this posting from five years ago.


Yesterday there was a block-buster special election in one of the most conservative  House seats in New York State.  The seat has been rock-solid Republican.  Only three Democrats have been elected there in the last 150 years.  Astonishingly, yesterday the Democratic candidate, Kathy Hochul, defeated the GOP candidate, Jane Corwin.  The key issue was Paul Ryan;s GOP medicare plan in which Medicare as currently constituted would be replaced by a money-voucher system.  If the money ran out – tough!!   Hochul ran on the slogan: “The GOP will take away Granny’s medicare and put her on the street with a tin cup.”Today, Republicans are devestated.  Democrats are licking their chops.  The same kind of campaign, run all over the country, would be a winner in 2012.

It would also help propel Obama back into the White House.   Today the President is being lauded by the Queen in London and he is…

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Tuesday writing conversation: Ulster Folk Park

July 5, 2016

In May, we visited the Ulster Folk Park, just outside Omagh. This is a short clip of our visit to a rustic homestead.

From the other week we had this response from a reader:

I was reading your June 20th comment about the Irish immigration, Grosse-île and how it relates to what we see everyday on our little home screens and newspaper on “neilmckenty.com“. It seems that all genarations must get through such stories. I’m sending you a link on a musical I produces with the help of the three autors (all Quebec City production) last March. We presented the French and English version. There is a complete English version. We are proud of the result.

Guy Morisset

Catharine writes:

A thousand thanks for this amazing video about Grosse-Ile – I was close to tears watching it!