Neil’s World – a scrapbook planned

Followers of Neil McKenty’s career and the blog  will know that he was both distinctive and prolific in the media he worked in. With this in mind, Catharine McKenty and a group of friends of Neil (nickname: “the Blazers” – derived from his radio catch-phrase “The lines are blazing!”) are putting together a tribute collection. To be published in the autumn of 2013, this collection will contain gems from Neil’s life. As a taster, we are now releasing some snippets of the archived material from Neil’s life and work in anticipation of the release of the completed scrapbook project (The Lines are Blazing: the Neil McKenty scrapbook).

If you want to notified when the scrapbook is available, or have memories you want to share with the blog, please do not hesitate to contact us by leaving a message on this page.

Item 1. Cartoon  from The Gazette:


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    Jean Says:

    Neil’s world… of words.

    Whether it was his radio or his tv shows and later the world wide web, he always had a profound way with words. There’s a man with no limits,no tabous when it comes down to talking to someone making them feel safe and open up to everyone’s opinion on different subjects.

    Human talk as I like to call it. Because after all it always comes down the same basic things no matter who it was on his show, politicians, environmentalists, sports person, doctors or a regular joe. (whats going on in your field of your neibourhood) in our life. Making us aware of a bigger picture in our everyday life.

    Thanks Neil.


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