Musical Instruments


The wind sings songs among the trees.

Andante when boughs groan weighed down by snow

Allegro as the branches, brown but lighter now

Can wave more freely, shake the nests of squirrels or of crow


Then the springtime gift of green is given,

First buds, then leaves begin to show

The sound of breeze is richer now, a softer music

when leaves, not branches touch and dance.

The trees breath in the carbon particles,

Breath out the oxygen we from the animal kingdom need.


The music of the spheres surrounds us,

Let us open wide our hearts, our eyes, our ears.

All sings to us of beauty if we listen

As music gathers volume through the years.


The orchestra gathers all its many voices — each one is needed.

each can indeed be heeded as they add their special sounds.

To bring cacophony to harmony needs skill and love …

Love for the miraculously rich melody of life, the singing wind, the

words of sages — the chattering people all around — the music of all

life resounds and echoes through the ages.  Let us pay heed.


Clare Hallward


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