Tuesday Writing Conversation: writing for the internet

Neil had no idea when he started to dabble with blogging that it would become a great passion for him. The immediacy of the digital world suited his habit of reading through several newspapers and putting together some thoughts, and a question or two, to share with his readers. As a writer he could jot down some ideas quickly and get them out there, while working on larger articles for print.

Do any of our readers have their own blog? What is your experience of blogging?

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Below: a hotch-potch of Neil’s posts to the blogosphere.

The first post to the blog: SHOULD DON CHERRY GET THE ORDER OF CANADA?

Even before the dust has settled on Dr. Morgentaler’s controversial nomination to the Order of Canada, the drums have started to beat for another divisive public figure. I speak of Don Cherry who is lauded for the Order by Rex Murphy in today’s Globe and Mail.

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A popular early post: IS RELIGION A HOAX?

Bill Maher is one of my favourite comedians. He is funny and he is caustic.

Both these traits are on grand display in Maher’s documentary film, Religulous, in which he visits religious communites around the world from a trucker’s chapel in North Carolina to the Vatican and concludes that religion has done more harm than good.

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Neil had a knack for sniffing out the most important issues of the day. Here is a posting to the blog where he wonders about new technology and privacy back in 2009.

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Neil always kept a keen eye on Quebec politics and society: SHOULD QUEBEC BE A SECULAR STATE?

A Montreal based lay group that would like to see fewer religious symbols in Quebec is calling on the provincial government to draw up a new “social contract”   making the province secular and banning religious garb for anyone working in the public sector.

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He also kept an eye on the past….

Now that I am here in the good old USA for a month, my mind has turned to the history of American-Canadian relations.  Turned to the war of 1812 whose bicenntenial anniversary occurs in two years time.

War of 1812


This is always on the top 5 of the posts on the blog

Pancakes at dawn

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