A lovely poem.

Lollipop To Magnifying Glass

A Love Letter

I know that I can be a little sour

And sometimes you have trouble seeing the big picture

Still, you’re better than the others

My last lover sucked the life out of me, and I made them rot

It was not a healthy relationship

You’re not like that.  No, you help me see clearer

You always notice the little things – the things that no one else thinks about

You peeled my wrapper and uncovered me

Whenever I feel bitter, you’re always there to remind me that I’m sweet

And I’m sweet on you

People used to treat me like junk, but not you

You see what others can’t

You have a handle on what’s really important

No need to sugar-coat things

I really like you, and I thinks you like me too

Micheal Hadziantoniou (age 15)

Published in the book Memories Never Lost

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