Tuesday Writing Conversation: John Main part 2

Click below to see part 2 of Catharine McKenty discussing the background to writing ‘In The Stillness Dancing’

To be continued next Tuesday

Catharine writes:
a new edition of Neil’s biography of John Main will be published in the next couple of months by Light Messages in Durham, North Carolina. This American company is also producing a new edition of Neil’s memoir ‘The Inside Story‘. To my delight, they also did a brand new editions of our prize-winning book ‘Skiing Legends and The Laurentian Lodge Club‘as well as my book ‘Polly of Bridgewater Farm – an unknown Irish story‘.
Their brand new edition of ‘McKenty Live’, edited by Alan Hustak, will be featured at the Neil McKenty memorial lecture in Toronto on October 28th at the Mental Health Conferences Canada event.
These books are available on Amazon.com or Barnes and Noble.com (see McKenty books). For schools, libraries or other groups they are offering a 40% discount for 25 copies or more of these editions.
I am truly grateful for this kind of sustained and enthusiastic support. My own aim is to share hope in difficult times as Neil did in his life and work.

‘In The Stillness Dancing’ can be ordered here.

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