5 years ago, Neil posted this about Trump.


As he arrived to campaign in New Hampshire this morning, Donald Trump learned, to his delight, that President Obama has revealed his original birth certificate.

Imm ediately the Donald took credit for resolving the ‘birther’ issue when nobody else could:  “Today, I’m  very proud of myself because I’ve accomplished soething that nobody else  has been able to accomplish.  I am really honored, frankly, to have played such a keyrole in hopefull getting rid of this issue.”

Then Trump jumped into his black stretch limousine and headed off into the wilds of  New Hampshire to test the waters for a run to the presidency.

But Trump has a couple of other thingss to tie to the president.

Trump believes On bama’s first best-selling book was written by a ghost writer.

Trump also says that early in his career, Obama was a poor student with failing grades.

So what kind of  strings did…

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