Neil was thinking about American politics in this posting from five years ago.


Yesterday there was a block-buster special election in one of the most conservative  House seats in New York State.  The seat has been rock-solid Republican.  Only three Democrats have been elected there in the last 150 years.  Astonishingly, yesterday the Democratic candidate, Kathy Hochul, defeated the GOP candidate, Jane Corwin.  The key issue was Paul Ryan;s GOP medicare plan in which Medicare as currently constituted would be replaced by a money-voucher system.  If the money ran out – tough!!   Hochul ran on the slogan: “The GOP will take away Granny’s medicare and put her on the street with a tin cup.”Today, Republicans are devestated.  Democrats are licking their chops.  The same kind of campaign, run all over the country, would be a winner in 2012.

It would also help propel Obama back into the White House.   Today the President is being lauded by the Queen in London and he is…

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