Tuesday Writing Conversation: “civilised, sophisticated, roguish, Irish…”

An early review of In The Stillness Dancing: The Journey of John Main by Neil McKenty.

“…an attractive and indeed inspiring account of Main’s intriguing personality and interesting life…

The author gives a full account of John Main’s method, and an engaging picture of the man: civilised, sophisticated, roguish, Irish, yet with an essential spiritual solitariness. It is a fine introduction to a stimulating teacher…”
The Church Times, U.K.


Today we are celebrating the new edition of In The Stillness Dancing being released by lightmessages.com

Journalist, soldier, barrister and Benedictine monk, John Main’s spiritual odyssey was a deep seated quest for an authentic life of prayer. The door finally opened when he met an Indian swami who taught him to meditate using a mantra, only to close again when he entered the Benedictine noviciate and adopted a more traditional form of prayer.
Long after ordination in 1963, John Main discovered that the form of prayer advocated by the swami already existed within the mainstream of Western Christianity but had fallen into disuse. From then on, he was to devote his life to restoring this form of christian meditation to its rightful place within the Church. His work began with the foundation of a meditation centre at Ealing Abbey in London and led, some years later, to the foundation of the Benedictine Priory of Montreal and the establishment of a worldwide spiritual family linked through the daily practice of meditation.
Neil McKenty paints an attractive portrait of this compelling Irish monk whose teaching and writing on meditation were to transform the lives of thousands of men and women.

Click below to hear Neil being interviewed about John Main

John Main

John Main

Some more reviews of In The Stillness Dancing:

“Neil McKenty has presented this remarkable man with enthusiasm and devotion, warts and all. The account of his last illness when he struggled against, and finally accepted, his cancer, is movingly told”.
Catholic Herald, U.K.

“This is a remarkable book about a remarkable man.

The author sees three major contributions made by Dom Main: rediscovery of a formula, a discipline for ‘pure prayer’ as an instrument of reform for the monastic life; made ‘pure’ imageless prayer more accessible to the person on the street (as St. Paul always urged).

McKenty introduces the reader to a man who made a deep impression during his too short life, a man many would liked to have met”.
The Telegraph-Journal, Saint John, N.B.

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