Tuesday writing conversation: 5 years ago

Back in 2011, Neil was looking at American politics

Can you believe that the phony financier, Donald Trump, is close to the top of the GOP candidates getting ready to challenge Obama in 2012?  And not only that.  Trump’s big issue is that Obama was born in Kenya and is not really an American.  Trump also does not believe Obama wrote his first book.  Some left wing ghost writer did it for him.  There is not a scintilla of evidence advanced to back up either of these assertions.

Obama himself was asked about the ‘birther’ issue by A.P.  He replied the vast majority of Americans believe that he is an American.  And he added that if the ‘birther’ is all his opponents have got, he must be in pretty good shape.

Exactly the point.  If a joker like Trump can get to the top of the GOP greasy pole by playing the ‘birther’ card, then Obama is a shoo-in for 2012.

The ‘birther’ issue hurts those who espouse it.  It does not hurt Obama.

The issue also reveals what a jumble of mediocrities are trying to take Obama on.  In a poll published in today’s Washington  Post Obama beats every single one of his opponents.  Of the two at the top he beats Romney by six and Huckabee by four.

So much for a one-term president.  Not bloody likely.

Whom does the ‘birther’ issue hurt?

What do you think?

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