Maple Syrup vs Table Syrup


A posting from 2015 revisited:

Did you know that maple syrup is so valuable that there is a fortress to protect a strategic reserve. It is in Laurierville, Quebec, where the compound is known as ‘la forteresse du sirop d’érable’ and was built in response to a series of thefts from unsecured maple syrup warehouses.

Maple syrup is a niche product but in such high demand that that a barrel of it is worth more than a hundred barrels of oil.

Neil wrestled with the subject below.

From the blog in 2011:

Catharine and I often have brunch at a well-known Montreal restaurant named Beauty’s.  We always order the same items.  Fresh orange juice, blueberry pancakes and bacon.  Catharine orders the more  expensive real maple syrup.  I use the regular table syrup and it is perfectly satisfactory to me.

It is true, however, that it is all too easy to misrepresent real maple syrup.  Rigtht now two American senators have a bill in the hopper that would impose tougher sanctions for the marketing of  other syrups as maple syrup.

Table syrup is sickly sweet.  While maple syrup may be expensive, even a small amount transforms a plain waffle or pancake, a simple slice of ham or cube of tofu, or a mustardy salad dressing.

But does Canada do enough to protect maple syrup?  Quebec forbids the use of the word “maple”  or of maple-leaf shapes or pictures, on any bottle that does not contain 100 per-cent pure maple syrup.   But Quebec is the only province that does this?  Some restaurants still pass off inferior syrups and most customers do not notice or they acquiesce.

Should there be more protection for pure maple syrup?

Is there a difference between maple syrup and table syrup?

What do you think?

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