Let’s take a look back in history and see what happened on January 18th.




Did you know that,




In 1535, Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro founds Lima, the capital of Péru.


In 1670, Henry Morgan captures Panama.


In 1778, James Cook is the first known European to discover the Hawaiian Island,  which he names the “Sandwich Islands”.


In 1896, An X-ray generating machine is exhibited for the first time by H. L. Smith.


In 1911,Eugene B. Ely lands on the deck of the USS Pennsylvania  stationed in San Francisco Bay the first time an aircraft landed on a ship.


In 1919, 3 events to note.  -First, WW1 Paris Peace Conference opens in Versailles, France.     -Second, Ignacy Jan Paderewski becomes Prime Minister of the newly independent Poland. -Third, Bentley Motors Limited is founded.


In 1958, Willis O’Ree the first African Canadian National Hockey League player, makes his NHL debut with the Boston Bruins.


In 1993, Martin Luther King, Jr Day is officially observed for the first time in all 50 states.


And in 1997, Borge Ousland of Norway becomes the first person to cross Antarctica alone and unaided.








Jean P.


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