Neil McKenty Live! The lines are still blazing.


Building Community



Neil had a cross-cultural following; many of his listeners, like Marie-Anne Coté, were francophone.  Among Neil’s papers was a letter from Coté, who tuned in to his show in order to perfect her English.

I want to let you know that your radio show was some kind of school, where first, I learned my English, and secondly where I have learned a million things.  Your programs have always been so pertinent and so topical, no wonder the lines were always blazing.  A lot of my friends have started listening to you because I have encouraged them in order to get better ”educated” on a lot of things that were discussed on the blazing lines.  Personally, you made my day by informing me on so many things.  Your cute quips make me laugh very often.  Today’s subject in ”Is rudeness worse nowadays?” Yes.  It all started with the laisser-aller on the way people dress, no manners are taught in schools anymore.  It will get worse.

Another caller whose life was changed by Neil in a much more personal way was Cathy Robinson.

My first interaction with Neil was in the fall of 1980 when the subject of ”Exchange” was ”Babies, what’s your experience with them?”  I picked up the phone and called in.  I told Neil I had absolutely no knowledge of babies, but was on my way to the hospital to give birth.  My suitcase was packed; I was ready to go.  I know that I giggled my way through the conversation.  Neil wished me luck and off I went.

Friday morning there was an opportunity for follow-up calls, when topis which had been discussed all week were hashed over.  I phoned to let Neil know that my baby had arrived.  But there were complications.  Our daughter, Erin, had been born with a cleft lip and palate.  However, I did write to Neil to tell him about our girl, and about how many surgeries Erin would have to undergo in order to repair her mouth.



Here is the cover of the brand new edition available now!!






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