Did you know that on November 23rd 2001, was signed, the Convention On Cybercrime by the members of the council of Europe, USA, Canada, Japan and the Republic of South Africa in Budapest, Hungary.  The treaty objectives is to pursue a common criminal policy aimed at the protection of society against cybercrime, including computer-related forgery and fraud, child pornography and cyber terrorism.  As with any piece of legislation the problems come from balancing civil liberties and privacy concerns with the need to catch criminal elements using the internet for illegal uses.

Also happened!

In 1963, the British science fiction television programme Doctor Who from the BBC is shown on TV for the first time.  ”The doctor” played by William Hartnell is the first series travels through time and space in the TARDIS ( a blue 1950’s police box).  Over 40 years featuring a number of doctors fighting alien baddies including Daleks ”Doctor Who” has gained a cult status in Britain and is also the longest-running science fiction television show in the world.

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