With all that has happened on Friday in Paris, and again yesterday morning in Seine-St-Denis, it’s fair to say that citizen of Canada are a bit scared of Prime Minister Trudeau’s promise to get 25.000 Syrian refugees in by the end of the year.

Let get something clear and out of the way, Syrian does not mean terrorist.  The only reason why we associate the two is because of the fact that ISIS or DAESH are based and fighting in Syria.

The Canadian Government has sent officials in different countries including Turkey, Lebanon and one other, already selected over 10.000 according to a strict selection process.  Families and people with education, entrepreneurs and people with skills are privileged.  The advantage that we have is that we can choose who we accepted, unlike our friends in Europe.

Now the key to success is going to be communications between the different governments and also the municipalities who are welcoming the refugees.  Let’s see how Justin Trudeau and his crew will handle the major task at hand.

What do you think of all that?

Should we welcome them?

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    John Says:

    I open the floodgates now, and so the world can breath fresh air and remind us of what a young country we are and how much we have left to do.

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