Before we continue on this great adventure, I thought I would tell you a little bit about myself, since I’ve been with you for awhile writing on the blog.

My name is Jean, I’m a bilingual french Canadian and father of two great kids.  I met Neil and Catharine about 15 years ago through someone that still shares my life today.

The relationship between Neil and myself grew slowly at first, but early enough we connected.  He was easy to talk to, even thought our age difference was almost four decades. We could talk about anything.  Sometimes, Neil would ask me to give him a hand for the blog on his old pc that he owned for years until he decided to get himself a new laptop,  he wanted to keep his blog running through their time ( the McKenty’s) away from home in the winter time.

So there’s a little bit about myself and my connection with Neil.

Hope you can enjoy the continuum of what Neil started……


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    ssstephaniep Says:

    Catharine writes :

    Three Cheers Jean !!! I am so excited about this great adventure. Neil’s story continues to give hope to many many people.

    You’re work will have a ripple effect that we can’t even guest at now.

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